Dordt University Men’s and Women’s Cross Country

Our program spends the bulk of our resources on recovery. The absolute best bang
for our buck is Firefly. With Firefly, we can reach the largest number of athletes, for
the greatest number of hours, with the most flexible timeframes. We utilize them in
a variety of settings, including supporting injury healing, providing injury
prevention, and offering muscle recovery – all in the convenient context of the
athletes’ busy schedules.
The place we have seen the greatest benefit is in our long travel days, prior to
competition. Whether flying or driving, our athletes utilize Firefly for long travels

over 1.5 hours and can feel the difference when they race or do their first run post-
travel. The men especially like to combine compression socks with Firefly to handle

the rigors of flying prior to a championship meet.

“The last three years our athletes have been healthier during the season and
have performed better at the end of the season and this coincides with the
introduction and consistent usage of Firefly into our program.”

-Nathan Wolf - Dordt University

February 29, 2024