Enhance Your Travel with Rapid Recovery

Don’t let long flights or drives impact your fitness goals. With Firefly, you can increase blood flow and prevent tired legs during travel. With our breakthrough device, traveling no longer means compromising your recovery.

  • Increase blood circulation during prolonged sitting
  • Arrive with "fresh" legs
  • Prevent muscle stiffness and discomfort
  • Recover 3X faster even while you travel
  • Portable and TSA-friendly for hassle-free travel

Energize Your Journey with Firefly

Firefly's innovative technology works by stimulating the peroneal nerve in your leg, creating a slight foot "flutter" that boosts blood flow by 400%.

  • Utilizes NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) to stimulate the peroneal nerve
  • Results in enhanced blood flow, more oxygen and nutrients for your muscles
  • Promotes faster recovery and reduces soreness, even while traveling
  • Fully portable and convenient, can be worn anytime and anywhere

Questions & Answers

Can I wear Firefly during travel?

We suggest using the Firefly for the duration of travel to promote blood
flow and avoid tired legs. The Firefly device can safely be worn or
carried through TSA security.

When and how long should I wear the Firefly devices?

Recommended usage will optimize recovery so you can train harder
and perform better. Firefly Recovery is used for warm up (30-60
minutes) post workout recovery (1-4 hours) and travel (duration of

Clinical Studies

Trust the Science Behind Firefly

Backed by rigorous clinical studies, Firefly has proven to outperform other recovery devices like Intermittent Compression Boots in increasing blood microcirculation. It also aids in physiological and psychological measures of recovery, leading to significant performance boosts even 24 hours after strenuous exercise.