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A revolutionary full-body recovery device used by professional athletes, Olympians, and weekend warriors to recover 3X faster.

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Faster recovery

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By stimulating and increasing blood flow Firefly improves full-body recovery time by 3X.

Girl walking in the park with Firefly recovery band around her leg providing pulses to increase overall blood flow in her leg for improved recovery.
Freedom to move

No Wires To Hold You Back

Firefly is designed to fit into your active lifestyle. Simply apply and recover anywhere, anytime. Never be tied down by wires again.

Athletes trust Firefly
Athletes trust Firefly
Firefly Recovery gives me a competitive advantage because I can actively work on my recovery while traveling, doing the daily tasks of athlete (& mom!) life and even further enhance it while sleeping.
— Kerri Walsh Jennings | Professional Beach Volleyball Player, 3X Olympic Gold Medalist
Athletes trust Firefly
I am always on the cutting edge, looking for new ways that I can better my body and the biggest advantages of Firefly are that it moves blood, is great for travel, is awesome for recovery and is really easy to use.
— Galen Rupp | 2X Olympic Medalist
Galen Rupp, Firefly athlete, uses Firefly recovery to help him perform.
Athletes trust Firefly
I am constantly using Firefly devices to keep my legs feeling fresh and ready to train. Whether it's recovering from a hard workout or traveling on a long flight, I notice such a difference when I wear Firefly for a few hours!
— Molly Seidel | Professional Distance Runner, Olympic Medalist
Olympic medalist, Molly Seidel, uses Firefly Recovery bands to improve performance and recover her muscles after long runs.
Athletes trust Firefly
I started using Firefly after I had knee surgery and it helped me to
recover quicker. The design is so convenient which makes all my travel days easier. The flights don’t set me back and I’m ready to go when I get off the plane.
— Shelby Rogers | Professional Tennis Player
Athletes trust Firefly
I’ve used Firefly on numerous flights home from road games and it’s been a tremendous asset to jump starting my recovery process. It’s extremely important for me to get the most out of my recovery and Firefly plays a large role in it!
— Darren Waller | Professional Football Player
Athletes trust Firefly
Firefly is an amazing recovery tool that allows me to recover faster after a hard workout, long game and especially on travel days. Fresh legs is a game changer!
— Kyle Farmer | Minnesota Twins
How It Works

Increased Blood Flow Means Faster Recovery

By stimulating the peroneal nerve (a nerve in your leg) Firefly increases blood flow. This means more fresh blood and oxygen to reduce lactic acid and soreness, eliminate toxins, and keep muscles flexible.

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