Professional Distance Runner, 2x Olympic Medalist

Galen Rupp

"I am always on the cutting edge, looking for new ways that I can better my body and the biggest advantages of firefly are that it moves blood, is great for travel, is awesome for recovery and is really easy to use."

Tinman Elite

Connor Winter

"Tinman Elite is excited to be using Firefly as our go to recovery device. We train hard each day and it is crucial that we recover using Firefly. The device is easy to use, which leaves our athletes feeling less sore and ready to train the next day."

firefly has been beneficial to me. I use it all the time, post-practice. It has been great for my recovery.
— Victor Oladipo | Miami Heat, 2x NBA All-Star
Victor Oladipo, NBA All star, uses Firefly to improve performance and recovery - giving him an explosive edge in the NBA
Firefly has really made a difference for my overall knee pain/aches. The firefly has been a game changer and is also very simple to use.
— Sam Kwant | CrossFit Athlete, Second Fittest Man in the World
Sam Kwant, Crossfit Athlete, uses Firefly to train and recover for extreme workouts
The NHL schedule is very demanding and any edge I can get to help stay healthy and be at my best I will utilize. Firefly has really helped my recovery in between, practices, games and travel. It’s very easy to travel with, which allows me to utilize the recovery benefits wherever we are in our schedule.
— Sam Gagner | Professional Hockey Player, Detroit Red Wings
Sam Gagner, NHL Hockey player, uses Firefly to train and recover for NHL hockey games

Blake Griffin | Brooklyn Nets, 6x NBA All-Star

"Before we take off, I have these things called firefly - it's just basically pulse technology - I wear those on every flight …I love it and I use it all season."
—excerpt from Bulletproof Podcast

Allie Wilson | Professional Runner, Atlanta Track Club Elite

"I love Firefly because they make my legs feel so much more fresh and recovered faster than they ever have before. They are also so easy to use and allow you to go about your day while simultaneously recovering. You hardly even realize you have them on!"

Solomon Thomas | Professional Football Player, New York Jets

"Firefly is great for my recovery as a professional athlete. We are constantly on flights and in the air. The firefly devices help me recover anywhere and get ready for the next game or practice."

David Hamilton | Head of Performance, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"The firefly device is valuable in any sport where athletes play games and train over multiple consecutive days.  Firefly helps athletes quickly recover and return to baseline which is a key determinant for success."

Rachel Zilinskas | 7X All American Swimmer, Professional Triathlete

"Since using the Firefly, I've noticed a positive impact in my recovery. The product is scientifically proven to increase blood and allows me to integrate the recovery process seamlessly into my busy schedule which is absolutely key for me as a professional IRONMAN athlete who also works a full-time day job. I can jumpstart the recovery process while I'm working, cooking meals, traveling to races, or whenever I need for as long as I need without having to set aside specific time for recovery."