NCAA Season (Championships) - Championship season has rolled in. I delineate this by both Conference and NCAA’s. This part of the season is obviously of most importance. Besides wanting to be performing at the highest level, time cuts could be needed for NCAA qualification, Olympic/World Trials qualification, etc. I am utilizing all the tech and tools I have access to in order to optimize recovery. Every pair of Firefly I have is being used. I will make a personal judgment call on each athlete to use them with since I don’t have a pair for every athlete. I instruct them to use them for 2-3 hours after each race they are in (provided they aren’t racing in a different race in the same session). The convenience of Firefly is unparalleled. These athletes are always in a time crunch to do something. During championship meets they are usually swimming twice a day. They can get lunch, get back to the hotel, and even nap with them on. This helps a lot with the “buy-in” of the tech. As long as they get the hours in, they are good.

April 26, 2024
Tags: College Swim