I have had great results with the firefly! I have tested it out on some track athletes with some lingering quad and hamstring strains. I have them wear it while doing their rehab exercises. I feel that they are getting a lot more out of rehab while wearing the firefly and they are more likely to adhere to rehab. I also had a baseball pitcher with a previous UCL strain wear the firefly after a game and he stated he recovered much better with it and had less pain in his elbow afterwards. Another baseball player had a previous shoulder injury from wrestling, he still had some lingering pain after games; I let him wear it afterwards for recovery and he stated his pain went away. I also had a couple lacrosse players with adductor strains, I let them wear it before a game for about an hour and they expressed less pain and more movement. I am loving the results so far and am planning to get a case. I will probably use the firefly mostly for recovering from injuries and pairing it with rehab exercises. Overall, really great results!


Jill Contreras, MS, LAT, ATC

March 06, 2024
Tags: High School