“When it comes to the recovery efforts for high school athletes and the
year-round training and competition it is essential to have a recovery tool
that is efficient, portable and easy to use. Incorporating the Firefly
recovery tool for our athletes has been an essential part of how we do
things at Montour High School. During the summer months many of our
athletes are playing on a club or travel team while also participating in the
summer strength and conditioning programing. The recovery and the
ability for athletes to rebound for back-to-back competition days or
training sessions has been great. The feedback from the athletes has been
nothing but positive; they feel less fatigued when they have them and
more recovered, while the soreness that usually comes days after high
intensity training days has been diminished. We look forward to using
Firefly Recovery Tool with all of our athletic teams this upcoming school


Jay Martinez
Strength & Conditioning Coach

March 06, 2024
Tags: High School