Volleyball fans, get excited! The Pro Volleyball Federation (PVF) is officially entering the professional sporting arena, and it's poised to revolutionize how we experience the sport. With a star-studded roster of players, coaches, and visionary investors, the PVF is charting a path forward for volleyball in the United States.

The league is scheduled to debut in early 2024 with teams in seven vibrant markets: the Atlanta Vibe, Columbus Fury, Grand Rapids Rise, Omaha Supernovas, Orlando Valkyries, San Diego Mojo, and the crowd-pleasing Las Vegas Thrill. And this is just the beginning – Kansas City and Indianapolis will join the dynamic line-up in 2025.

It's a league of stars, featuring former collegiate standouts and national heroes, all coached by some of the best minds in the sport. With franchise owners and investors including chart-topping musician Jason Derulo, NFL sensation Joe Burrow, and the indomitable five-time Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings, the PVF isn't just about volleyball; it's about ambition.

In the historic first PVF College Draft, elite collegiate players like Jill Gillen and Maggie Cartwright were snapped up, immediately making waves and signaling a bold new opportunity for both seasoned and budding volleyball professionals. Players from 25 college programs were selected, with Arkansas proudly seeing more than one of its athletes chosen.

The Teams And Investors Taking Center Stage

The PVF is set to dazzle fans with a powerhouse line-up. Here are the names and markets that will soon become household favorites for volleyball aficionados:

Inaugural Teams:

  • Atlanta Vibe
  • Columbus Fury
  • Grand Rapids Rise
  • Omaha Supernovas
  • Orlando Valkyries
  • San Diego Mojo
  • Las Vegas Thrill

Investors and Public Faces:

  • Jason Derulo – Singer, Dancer, and now a major investor in the PVF
  • Joe Burrow – NFL Quarterback, Investor
  • Kerri Walsh Jennings – Five-time Olympian, San Diego Mojo owner
  • Trent Dilfer – Former NFL Quarterback, Founding PVF Partner
  • Dr. Cecile Reynaud – Renowned Coach, PVF Leader
  • Laurie Corbelli and Jenna Rosenthal – Former Volleyball Pros

Kerri Walsh Jennings

A Glimpse Into The PVF's Vision

As the Pro Volleyball Federation (PVF) readies itself for a grand entrance, it's clear that it has one eye trained on the evolution of the sport and the other on the prosperity of its players. In a profound departure from historical norms, the league has set forth a compensation model that reflects both the skill and the dedication of its athletes. 

With base salaries poised to rival those of WNBA rookies – between $60,000 and $100,000 – the PVF is not just talking about valuing players; it's putting its money where its mission lies.

This financial commitment extends beyond basic compensation. Players stand to receive a share of the league's revenue, connecting the success of the league directly to the individuals who make it entertaining. This profit-sharing approach is not just progress; it's a potential game-changer in professional sports, where such models are anything but guaranteed.

But the PVF's vision transcends paychecks. This is a league determined to carve out its reputation not by following the paths well-trodden by existing organizations like Athletes Unlimited (AU) and League One Volleyball (LOVB) but by establishing its unique brand of volleyball. The PVF is charting a course that promises to offer fans a full season of competitive volleyball, embracing traditions that have long fueled America's love for sports while innovating within that framework to keep things fresh and exciting.

This philosophy is about more than just the sport; it’s an investment in the athletes and the community that will inevitably grow around them. For the PVF, substantial funding is but a piece of a larger puzzle. The league's infrastructure – from stadiums to streaming services – is being pinpointed to support players' careers and facilitate their connections with fans.

The PVF aims for a world where volleyball, often overshadowed by more mainstream sports, steps into the limelight as a premier athletic event in the United States. The federation is positioning itself as the custodian of volleyball's future – nurturing the sport, empowering its athletes, and delivering an experience that turns new viewers into lifelong fans. As it prepares to launch its first season, the PVF isn't just introducing a new brand of volleyball; it's setting the stage for the redefinition of the professional sporting landscape.

Television And Streaming Prospects

The Pro Volleyball Federation (PVF) understands that widespread visibility is critical to its success. Co-founder Dave Whinham has assured fans that substantial television exposure is forthcoming. He promises that the PVF will appear across "multiple platforms," catering to a wide audience. 

This strategy will satisfy dedicated volleyball enthusiasts with robust streaming options. It will also capture the interest of occasional viewers through traditional television broadcasts. An official announcement detailing these media partnerships is expected soon, signaling a new era of accessibility for the sport.

The Pro Volleyball Federation's Inaugural Season

The Pro Volleyball Federation (PVF) is soon beginning its inaugural season, introducing a new level of excitement for fans of professional women's volleyball. Seven teams are set to compete in a 24-game season, and there's a plan for the league to grow, with the PVF aiming to become 10 teams in the near future.

The PVF teams are made up of both experienced players and newcomers, creating a competitive mix for the upcoming matches. The roster for each team includes 14 players, ensuring a variety of playing styles and strategies for fans to enjoy.

The league has significant financial backing, with more than $150 million invested by its owners and supporters. This investment underlines the PVF's stable position and potential for growth in the sports market. The financial support and strategic planning suggest that the PVF is setting itself up as a significant player in both sports and business.

With the first PVF match approaching, there's a sense of opportunity for everyone involved. The league aims to build a community centered around volleyball matches, making the sport enjoyable for both players and spectators. Rather than just starting a new season, the Pro Volleyball Federation is beginning what could be a new chapter for the sport.

A Robust Foundation Shaped By The Greats Of The Game

The Pro Volleyball Federation (PVF) is being shaped by renowned figures whose investments and passions are laying the groundwork for a promising future in professional volleyball. From well-established local sports teams to globally recognized individuals like pop star Jason Derulo, the league benefits from a vast array of owner experiences and perspectives. 

Derulo, for one, has recently expanded his involvement in the league with a significant increase to his initial investment, indicating his belief and confidence in the PVF's potential. This diverse ownership aims to propel the league beyond conventional bounds, establishing it as a premier sporting event cherished by fans and players alike.

The sense of excitement resonates through the league as these volleyball icons and investors verbalize a shared commitment to nurturing the sport's growth. Through their active involvement, they are not only funding the league but also actively participating in decision-making and strategic planning processes, ensuring the PVF reaches its full potential. 

The convergence of expertise from various sectors, including sports, entertainment, and business, promises to engender a progressive environment conducive to the success of the PVF. It is within this collaborative atmosphere that the league's high aspirations take form, guided by those who have already achieved greatness in their respective fields, and are now united in their mission to elevate women's volleyball to unprecedented heights.

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By incorporating the Firefly Recovery Device into their routines, players can enjoy the benefits of advanced recovery strategies, contributing to their overall well-being and longevity in the sport. 

The partnership is set to provide the PVF with a competitive edge, ensuring that its athletes are well-cared for and prepared to compete at their very best. As the PVF looks to make its mark on the landscape of American volleyball, the support from Firefly stands as a testament to the league's investment in the success and health of its players.


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Get Ready, A Volleyball Revolution Is Brewing!

With its inaugural season approaching, the Pro Volleyball Federation is not only making history but also shaping the future. It is a bold initiative that sees the convergence of talent, passion, and business savvy to create something truly remarkable for women's sports. This isn't just a game; it's a pro volleyball renaissance that ensures a thrilling spectacle for fans and a home for the world's best athletes to shine. Watch this space – the Pro Volleyball Federation is about to take the United States by storm.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Pro Volleyball Federation? 

The Pro Volleyball Federation stands as the top-tier women’s professional volleyball league in North America, offering authentic professional-level volleyball. The inaugural season kicks off on January 24, 2024, with a lineup of world-class players and coaches, featuring many of the top volleyball talents from the United States.

When will the inaugural season of the Pro Volleyball Federation commence? 

The first season of the Pro Volleyball Federation is set to begin on January 24, 2024. 

How does the Pro Volleyball Federation differ from other professional volleyball organizations in the U.S.? 

The Pro Volleyball Federation stands apart by defining "professional" as akin to the major leagues of sports. Far from being an advanced version of club volleyball, the federation operates on a major league scale, with franchises based in significant markets across North America. Teams compete in leading venues, supported by passionate local fan bases. 

Showcasing elite American talent alongside outstanding international players, our focus remains exclusively on delivering a top-tier professional volleyball experience.

Who will be playing in the Pro Volleyball Federation? 

The Pro Volleyball Federation has captured the interest of some of the finest volleyball players and coaches from the U.S. With team rosters soon to be announced, we anticipate welcoming a host of America's volleyball luminaries in various capacities within the league.

What can players expect regarding compensation in the Pro Volleyball Federation? 

The Pro Volleyball Federation is the first U.S. pro volleyball league to ensure its players earn a real living wage, with base salaries comparable to those of first-year WNBA players, despite the WNBA's 25-year history. Our players can also earn additional financial rewards based on performance and playoff success. 

Moreover, we're proud to initiate revenue-sharing with our players from the outset, acknowledging their central role in the league's success and upholding our commitment to treating them with the utmost respect as premier athletes.

How many players will each team in the Pro Volleyball Federation consist of? 

Each team in the Pro Volleyball Federation will have a roster of 14 players, offering depth and versatility to the league's competitive play.

February 15, 2024