Firefly Recovery has been selected as a winner in the 2024 Women's Health Fitness Awards!

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Winning Category: Winning Product

Best Accessories: Portable Recovery Device Strips

 “My on-again, off-again running routine was not knee-friendly this year, but these wearable recovery bands relieved pain. The little bands increase circulation and blood flow, leading to fewer muscle aches and better recovery.” —Nied

About Firefly Recovery

Firefly Recovery is a leading provider of clinically proven, portable recovery technology to help athletes reduce recovery time and relieve muscle soreness.  It is also used by athletes, business travelers and everyday consumers to minimize the effects for travel.

Firefly is used by over 700+ professional and collegiate teams, as well as elite and everyday athletes to recover 3X faster and train harder. In the training room, post-workout, and on-the-go, Firefly is redefining recovery for athletes everywhere. For more information visit or @fireflyrecovery.

January 18, 2024