Firefly Recovery, a leader in innovative sports recovery solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic global brand partnership with renowned track and field athletes Tara and Hunter Woodhall. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Firefly Recovery as it expands its footprint in the sports recovery industry and strengthens its commitment to enhancing athletic performance worldwide.

“Tara and Hunter are two extraordinary athletes who embody resilience, determination, and triumph,” stated Lauren Campbell, Firefly Recovery CMO. “TeamFirefly is honored to welcome them to the team and excited to support them in achieving their goals with our innovative recovery technology.”

As part of the partnership, Tara and Hunter Woodhall will feature prominently in Firefly Recovery's marketing campaigns, sharing their personal experiences with Firefly products and advocating for the importance of recovery in athletic success.

"We are excited to partner with Firefly Recovery," said Tara Davis Woodhall. "As athletes, we understand the importance of effective recovery in maintaining peak performance. Firefly's products have been integral to our training regimen, and we look forward to sharing their benefits with athletes around the globe."

Hunter Woodhall added, "Joining forces with Firefly Recovery allows us to empower athletes with the tools they need to recover smarter and perform at their best. Together, we aim to inspire a new generation of athletes to prioritize recovery as an essential part of their training."

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June 24, 2024