firefly Instructions

Watch the "how to use" video
We recommend watching the "How To Use" Video for easy instructions on how to position and use the device and knee straps.

Downloadable Instructions
Instructions for fitting and using device (including a list of precautions, warnings and specifications) can be downloaded here.

Note: If you are using the previous generation firefly device, click here for fitting instructions.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Locate the fibular head

firefly is easiest to place if you are seated and your legs are bent.

How do I locate the fibular head?
To find the fibular head, start at your outer ankle bone and follow the side of your leg up toward your knee until you reach the fibular head (or bony spot), which is just below the knee on the outside of the leg in line with the outer ankle bone.

Why is the fibular head important?
Locating the fibular head is important in order to stimulate the peroneal nerve, which is located near here. Stimulating the nerve will cause your feet to twitch (the "firefly flutter") causing increased blood flow and circulation to enhance recovery.



Step 2

Correct positioning

Prep the firefly
"Carefully peel off the plastic backing and save for storage and reuse of the device. Take care not to get any debris on the gel as it helps to ensure conductivity and adhesion.

Place the device
Ensure the application area is clean and dry. Place the device so that the raised indicator line (marked with arrows) is positioned at the center of the fibular head.

Confirm the position is correct
The shorter strap should be positioned towards the front of the leg - with the longer strap of the device wrapped around to the back of the leg, just below the crease of the knee. When you turn the device on, your foot should begin to lightly twitch.


Step 3

Turn the device ON/OFF

How to turn the device ON
Quickly press the (+) button.

How to Increase and Decrease levels
There are 7 levels and the light will blink based on the level (2 blinks = level 2). You may need to increase the level to stimulate your nerve and cause your feet to twitch.
Slowly raise the intensity by pressing the (+) button or decrease the intensity by pressing the (-) button. Find a level that is comfortable while also providing a slight "flutter" of your feet.

How to turn the device OFF
After using the firefly™, press the (-) button and hold for 3-seconds to power OFF. After you remove the device, replace the plastic backing for storage.

Step 4

Secure the device

Use Knee Strap to Secure the firefly
firefly™ works best when used with knee straps. Place the knee strap over the device and gently secure in place.

Troubleshooting Tips

The device is turned on, but nothing is happening.
1. Reposition the device: make sure that the "firefly" logo is in front and wrap the longer strap around your leg.
Exact anatomical positions may vary in certain individuals. If the original location does not produce the desired foot twitch, you may need to slightly adjust the positioning of the device to ensure indicator line is on the fibular head or bony spot.
2. Bend your knee
Fit device with a bent knee. Optimal stimulation of the nerve is achieved when the knee is bent and the peroneal nerve is closer to the surface.
3. Increase the level
You may need to increase the level by quickly pressing the (+) button.
4. Use knee straps
Use of the firefly knee straps helps to ensure a secure and close fit.  Straps are reusable and only need to be purchased once.
5. Try alternative device placement
In certain circumstances, some individuals may better achieve stimulation by using an alternative location behind the knee. Download our full instructions for use to read about alternative fitting areas.