We have seen a lot of success in our management of acute injury by utilizing firefly, especially with ankle injuries. We’ve been combining compression wraps and firefly for swelling management in the first 48-72 hours for ankle sprains and have seen really great success.

-Matt Gorby University of Alabama Football, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Get firefly for your injured athlete

Did you know we work with a number of teams that utilize their workers compensation to get firefly for their injured athletes. Let firefly aid your athlete’s recovery efforts and get them back to play faster.

To get started, please complete and return the following documents and email them to us at orders@recoveryfirefly.com

  1. Workers Comp Information Form
  1. firefly™ Prescription Form

The Workers Comp Form provides us the necessary information to reach out to your adjustor and the Prescription Form must be signed by your team physician to validate the order. We have also found that if you let your adjustor know that you have requested firefly for your athlete, it may help to expedite the authorization process.

We are contracted with the Fairly Group, so if your team uses them for workers comp claims, we can typically get a same day authorization.

Please reach out to us directly if you have any questions.