As a strength and conditioning coach for the Colorado Eagles, my focus on recovery consumes a lot of my energy and focus. Given the travel demands of the AHL and ours in Colorado, being so remote from other AHL teams. Firefly has emerged as a key ally, addressing the unique challenges of recovery on the road. Athletes wear the device during flights, bus rides, in the hotel, pre-game and between periods maximizing every opportunity for enhanced recovery.

Subjective Wellness Impact:

The portability of Firefly is a game-changer, especially during road trips. Each athlete is issued a unit for every journey, and the results are telling. Anecdotal evidence indicates a notable reduction in subjective soreness for one athlete when using Firefly compared to periods without it, highlighting its positive influence on post-game recovery.

On-the-Go Recovery: 

Firefly is our go-to during flights. Whether it is a short hop or a cross-country journey, players strap it on, turning travel time into recovery time.

Pre-Game Activation: 

About five guys on our team, mainly those battling soft tissue injuries, wear Firefly for 1-4 hours before hitting the ice for pregame warm-ups.

In-Game Circulation: 

One player frequently uses it in between periods. He’s one who in the past has felt as if he needs to “warm up again” for the second and third periods. Firefly keeps the circulation during intermission, and he’s found it makes transition back onto the ice smoother.

Post-Game Recovery on the Road: 

Every road trip, each player gets their own Firefly. They will wear them on bus rides between locations during longer road trips.

Game-Changer for Colorado Eagles: 

From flights to pre-game rituals, Firefly has become a critical tool utilized for recovery and game readiness and has become part of the Colorado Eagles strategy for peak performance and rapid recovery.


Bobby Lucas

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

February 09, 2024
Tags: Hockey