Game-day: On a game-day we like to use the firefly for the players to wear back from the rink during their naps or afternoon activities between morning skate and the game. This is especially useful on the road when we are limited to resources and extra staff help (at home we have PT and massage therapist available throughout the week, which we do not have on the road).

Travel Day: We offer the Firefly to as many players as possible at the airport to wear for the duration of the travel day, can be up to 10 hours of plane and bus travel, so it is important to have the guys as recovered as possible for the games the next day. We also like to use it post-game when we bus afterwards and play the next evening to help the guys feel as best as they can for the game the next day.

Acute Injury: With acute injury it is helpful for increasing blood flow to the inured limb to help with inflammation and help kickstart the healing process, to help the player get back as soon as possible.

Recovery: Throughout the week, we offer it to players to take home and wear while they are relaxing at home, so that they can recover, as well as get normal day to day activities done without interference of a large, non-mobile device. This is especially helpful to the players with kids who do not have time to go home and sit down for an hour or 2 to use compression boots.


Mike DeGaetano – Head Athletic Trainer

February 09, 2024
Tags: Hockey