My athletic training philosophy relies heavily on optimization of the body’s natural recovery systems and prevention of injuries. This past season we were able to purchase a box of Firefly units for volleyball. Having some great experience using Firefly for acute injuries in years past, I was excited to put them to use during the competitive season for recovery as well. During preseason tournaments we have up to three matches in a weekend, so adding Firefly to our tournament recovery routine was beneficial. As we progressed during the season, using Firefly became essential for back-to-back matches. Below is a typical  competition weekend Firefly prescription:

Bilateral lower leg (peroneal nerve):

Friday pre-match: ~ 2 hours

Friday post-match: ~ 2 hours

Saturday pre-match: ~ 2 hours

Saturday post-match: ~2 hours

Sunday (off-day): Recommended as needed

We also used Firefly for arm care this season. We started using on hitters with high volume and/or history of shoulder pain. Due to it being on dominant arm, it is best used when athlete can rest ie: post-match after eating, on the bus, etc. I target the radial nerve typically for shoulder recovery. Anatomically placing dots distal to the anterior deltoid, aiming for the radial groove. Below is a typical Firefly Arm care prescription:

Dominant arm (Radial nerve):

Friday post-match: ~ 1 hours

Saturday post-match: ~1 hours

Sunday (off-day): Recommended as needed

**Times are dictated by our travel/match schedule mostly, as well as tolerance (especially upper extremity).

Overall, my first season using Firefly full time was excellent and I look forward to exploring more ways to utilize Firefly to help keep our volleyball student-athletes healthy.


Lauren Duft Lawther, MS, ATC, CSCS, CES

Associate Athletic Trainer, Volleyball

Insurance Coordinator

February 09, 2024
Tags: Volleyball