We love to utilize as many resources as possible in getting our
athletes to perform at their best. This is our first year with the firefly
devices and they have been so valuable. Whether they are used
for acute injury recovery (ankle sprains), chronic injury
management (tibial stress fractures), or routine recovery (multiday
swim meets) our athletes love them. They are super easy to use
and don’t interfere with the rest of their day-to-day schedules,
especially if we have a busy travel schedule. The portability is a
game changer! We’ve even used them in non-traditional methods
when an athlete started having back spasms while on the bus. In a
pinch the uses are endless.

We’ve loved being able to have the firefly devices on hand and are
excited to continue using them with more of our student-athlete


Jessie Bollback
Head Athletic Trainer (W. Volleyball; M/W Swimming)

February 26, 2024
Tags: College Swim