This is Yale baseball’s first year utilizing the firefly devices. Along with the Yale Football team, we are excited to explore all the options and benefits of the firefly device. It has been a vital part of our team's recovery both in the upper extremity and lower extremity. As a northern team, the first 6 weeks of the season are spent on buses, airports and hotel rooms in multiple time zones and states. Along with the travel, the Ivy League’s roster sizes are smaller than the power 5 teams, increasing the overall season workload on student athletes.

We utilize firefly for both upper and lower extremity recovery predominantly on the road. Long bus trips, flights, post-game meals etc. you can see our student athletes with the firefly device on. The versatility and convenience of having the device for both upper and lower extremity recovery, a device that is easy to pack, long lasting and charging not required are huge upsides that our guy’s love.

Using the firefly the guys described their legs feeling less heavy, less tight and fresher when using them after long periods of sitting on a plane or bus. For the arm, the effects were described as less soreness after pitching, less achy and able to get loose the next day after firefly use.

We have also utilized the firefly for student athletes with injuries. Those student athletes described a huge difference after applying it in the morning with their stiffness and pain due to swelling while sleeping.

We are excited to continue exploring uses and applications for firefly in our program. It will continue to be a staple of our recovery on the road and at home for all types of injuries and recovery needs. Firefly is a great product, but you put it over the top. You understand the needs of ATC’s and you care about getting this product out to the student athletes. Thank you for all your help and we will continue to work with you and firefly in the future.


Trevor Thompson MS, LAT, ATC

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Yale University

February 13, 2024
Tags: Baseball