“This season we had the lowest % of injuries since I have worked here and I credit that to the extra effort we put into our recovery. Firefly was a key part of that.”

Implementation of firefly this past season:

Games and Season Use:

  • Training Camp (2 a days) 2 hours nightly
  • Post-Game 2-4 hours
  • Travel (Bus) >2 hour trip at least 2 hours or on for full trip if under 2 hours
  • Travel (Plane) full time spent on the plane

Injury Use:

  • Post BFR Rehab 2-4 hours
  • Nightly 2 hours (at least on affected limb)
  • Self-discretion at home for high volume periods of training and Game heavy

parts of the season.


Adam Wesche, MS, LAT, ATC

Athletic Trainer, Men’s Soccer

North Carolina State University

February 13, 2024
Tags: Soccer