WVU Mountaineer baseball is off to the best start in school history since joining the Big XII. As a northern school that has spent most of the first month of the season on the road, the guys have stated the biggest difference for them this year versus previous, is the freshness of their legs and they attribute a lot of that to the Firefly Recovery Device.

This has become an integral part of WVU Baseball and our success. Our travel is difficult early in the year and does not get any easier throughout conference play being so far away geographically from the rest of our conference, but Firefly has dampened the affect that travel and games have had on our guys and has kept them fresh.

We utilize them heavily with travel, it is a mandatory travel item that is placed on our guys packing list. Immediately after arriving at our gate for flight departure are guys put the Firefly devices on both legs and turn them on immediately when seated on the plane. We wear them for the duration of all flights. Any bus trips that we take we also are utilizing the device for the duration of travel. Doing this has led to our guys stating they don’t have heavy legs from travel and their legs are fresher sooner following travel.

This has also become a big recovery device post-game for the team as a whole. They have been instructed to utilize them post-game for 2-3 hours, position players have kept their legs feeling fresh throughout weekend series, while many of our pitching staff have utilized them on their arms as part of their post throw recovery and are amazed with how they feel the next day.

Needless to say, Firefly has a home in our program, and we are excited to continue to work with you and Firefly throughout this season and future seasons.


Steven Rosier, LAT, MAT, ATC, PES

Assistant Director of Athletic Training

West Virginia University

February 13, 2024
Tags: Baseball