For the 2023 ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament, Wake Forest University will be preparing for the possibility of playing five games in five days!  We have not played in back-to-back games all season!  We plan on utilizing our Firefly units during the following times:

1. Post-game for high minute players: 2-4 hours immediately after activity.

2. Travel: Players will be encouraged to wear the Firefly devices during the bus trips to and from the venue.

3. Soreness:  Players who tend to have increased soreness will be encouraged to wear the devices for up to four hours the night after the game in preparation for the game the next day.

4. Injuries:  The Firefly units may also be used for injury management in conjunction with our other modalities.   

Hopefully, we get the opportunity to play five games in five days!  Thanks again for helping the Lady Deacs this season!   


Scott Spernoga  Head Women's Basketball AT, Wake Forest University 

February 13, 2024
Tags: Basketball