“We distributed one pair of Firefly to every athlete before we departed and
instructed them to wear them as much as we could during the 8-hour bus
ride to the course. We arrived at the course the day before racing began,
and continued to wear the Fireflys as we unloaded and rigged in preparation
for a practice row on the course. Athletes were instructed to re-apply the
Fireflys after returning to shore, and to keep them on for up to 4 hours. For

our heats the next day, we wore the Fireflys for half an hour as a "pre-
warmup" before beginning our land warmup, and for 4 hours after the race

to recover. The following day we used the same warmup procedure for our
semifinal, and then kept the Fireflys on continuously in between the semi and
final, which were less than 4 hours apart.
Results from this and other races tend to show a very slight advantage for
us compared to most of the top finishers when considering a percentage
improvement in time from the semis to the finals. Anecdotally, the most
positive feedback I have gotten from the athletes is using the Fireflys for
travel, with many reporting that the "heavy legs" feeling they usually
experience after a long bus ride has been completely mitigated.”


Mike Hess - Head Coach


March 01, 2024