Firefly has been instrumental in our recovery and rehabilitation efforts that the University of Illinois. We have rolled out a program giving Firefly units to our high rep and high yardage athletes before we go to the hotel for home games or leave for away trips. The guys all receive a Firefly device as well as Teamworks message with the instructions on how to use the device for the 24 hours before and after the game. The units have become a part of their routine. Guys will continuously come up to the training staff during the week to get a new Firefly device to use after practice or while sitting in class. Alternatively, we have started to use Firefly as a recovery device immediately after acute injury. We have seen great success with decreasing swelling and stiffness in the acute phase after lower extremity injuries. We have also had our athletes state how much better they recover in between rehab sessions. This allows us to push them harder and return to play quicker than we were before we started using Firefly.

Iowa Trip Firefly Usage Guide

  1. Apply firefly device to the fibular head (Seek help from athletic trainers if needed)
  2. Secure firefly with the strap provided.
  3. Push + to turn firefly device on. Turn up to comfortable level. (Should see muscle contraction)
  4. Wear firefly device at the following times
  • Plane and Bus Ride to Hotel in Iowa
  • 30min-1hour before bed
  • 30min-1hour in the morning
  • Bus ride to stadium/during pregame routine (1 hour)
  • Bus and Plane Ride back to Champaign
  • 1-2 hours Sunday Morning
  • During Meetings all day Sunday (2 hours)
February 11, 2024
Tags: Travel