Firefly Recovery is partnering with a powerhouse group of athletes hoping to make their mark on the newly reopened global stage. The combination of intense training, top-level athletic competition, and international travel makes recovery even more important.

For three-time Olympian and U.S. marathoner Galen Rupp, access to effective and efficient recovery has only gotten more crucial over time.  “Firefly has been a great addition to my recovery routine! It’s so easy to use and unlike other modalities, I can wear it after training and still go about my day. It helps so much with circulation, which is tremendous for recovery. Firefly has also been awesome for travel. My legs feel significantly better after a long flight when using Firefly, and I feel fresher when I arrive,” he said.

“Recovery plays a huge part in my training, it’s just as important as the training itself and Firefly has definitely taken my recovery game to the next level. It has allowed me to recover at any time of day, no matter where I am,” said Allie Wilson, a middle-distance standout with Atlanta Track Club who has her sights set on the upcoming USATF Olympic Trials.

Henry Wynne is vying to compete in the 1500-meters in Tokyo and focuses on recovery as the “key to healthy training” and adds that “firefly has become an important part of my recovery making it easier to recover while going about my daily routine. One of the hardest parts of the recovery process is taking the time to actually focus on it and firefly makes that process much easier. I’ve also integrated Firefly into my travel routine and always have them on when I’m flying to increase blood flow and allow my legs to feel better getting off the plane."

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June 15, 2021