With the 2021 Olympics beginning this week, athletes from around the world are making their way to Tokyo to compete. As they prepare for long-distance international travel and the opportunity of a lifetime, it’s crucial that they pack all the essential tools to arrive competition ready. For many Olympic athletes, Firefly Recovery is a critical recovery device that will be used for both travel and while continuing to train in Tokyo.


Galen Rupp, U.S. Men’s Marathon

U.S. marathoner Galen Rupp qualified for his fourth Olympic Games when he placed first in the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Marathon with a time of 2 hours, 9 minutes, 20 seconds. As Rupp prepares to compete for his third Olympic medal — he has a Silver in the 10,000 meters from London in 2012 and a Bronze in the Marathon from Rio in 2016 — he continues to put equal focus on training and recovery.

“Recovery has always been a critical part of my daily routine. How hard you can push yourself in training is dictated by recovery,” Rupp said. “As hard as I push myself in training, I place an equal amount of emphasis on recovery, so that I can go hard again in the next session.” 

Rupp is bringing Firefly Recovery to Tokyo so he can arrive in top shape after the long flight and to assist with recovery during his final days of training leading up to the Olympic marathon.

“Firefly has been a great addition to my recovery routine!” he said. “It is so easy to use and unlike other modalities, I can wear it after training and still go about my day. It helps so much with circulation, which is tremendous for recovery. Firefly has also been awesome for travel. My legs feel significantly better after a long flight when using Firefly, and I feel fresher when I arrive.”


Clayton Murphy, U.S. Men’s 800 Meters

Rupp’s Olympic teammate, U.S. Track and Field athlete Clayton Murphy, will also be bringing Firefly Recovery to Tokyo.  Rupp will compete in his second Olympics in the 800 meters and is striving for his second medal – he has a bronze from Rio.

“As a professional track and field athlete, this is all I do. I train every day - in the gym, on the track, on the trail– so recovery for me is just as important as the training side,” Murphy said. “One of the things I have found that has become a staple recovery thing for me is the Firefly. I use it at least once a day, if not twice – almost every day of the week. Firefly has replaced a lot of other recovery modalities that are not as convenient and aren’t as successful in helping to expedite my recovery process.”

It is the combination of convenience and results that make Firefly stand out to Murphy.

“Being able to have a recovery modality that is accessible, easy-to-use and I can do other things when I am using Firefly is a huge advantage,” he said.


Firefly Provides Portable, Effective Recovery to Numerous Athletes

Both Rupp and Murphy utilize Firefly Recovery, a clinically proven athletic recovery device to provide 3X faster full-body recovery. It is small, portable, easy-to-use, and highly effective, especially for distance runners.  

The convenience of Firefly Recovery is especially appealing for athletes that are pressed for time with hectic workout schedules that make it difficult to stick to complex recovery regimens. American Distance Project Coach Scott Simmons — who coaches many U.S. Olympians, including Rio 5K Silver Medalist Paul Chelimo, Hillary Bor and Benard Keter — introduced Firefly Recovery to the athletes on his elite training team to help provide a convenient recovery tool.

“Firefly has made increasing blood flow a much simpler and easier task than before.  Even world class athletes have other responsibilities in their lives, including family and children,” Simmons said. “Firefly makes it simple to recover while still performing other life duties.”


About Firefly Recovery

Firefly Recovery is a leading provider of clinically proven, portable recovery technology to help athletes reduce recovery time and relieve muscle soreness. Firefly is used by over 300 professional and collegiate teams, as well as elite and everyday athletes to recover 3X faster and train harder. In the training room, post-workout, and on-the-go, Firefly is redefining recovery for athletes everywhere. For more information visit www.recoveryfirefly.com or @fireflyrecovery on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



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July 21, 2021