Firefly Recovery is excited to announce our latest partnership with world-renowned running team Tinman Elite. This new collaboration takes us strides forward to providing innovative recovery technology for all athletes. 

Established in Boulder in 2017, Tinman Elite brings a new caliber of technique and team spirit to distance running. The group focuses not only on international recognition but also on creating community and connection with runners of all levels. 

"Tinman Elite is excited to be partnering with Firefly Recovery as our go-to recovery device,” said Director of Operations Connor Winter. “We train hard each day, and it is crucial that we recover using firefly. The device is easy to use, which leaves our athletes feeling less sore and ready to train the next day."

The team is constantly pushing the boundaries of the running world and has members who pace consistently at the professional and Olympic level. From training to racing, Tinman athletes inspire runners to enjoy the sport. With such a high-impact activity, recovery is crucial to training. That’s what makes Firefly Recovery the perfect fit: small, portable, easy-to-use, and highly effective, the Firefly device provides 3X faster full-body recovery to athletes at all levels. 

“In the short time I've been using firefly, I feel like I've been able to recover better. The unobtrusive design allows me to go about my day while wearing them so I can stay in them longer and get more out of each use,” said Brian Barraza, a United States Olympic Trials finalist. 


Firefly Recovery is pleased to provide elite recovery for the elite runners of Tinman. “We have found a highly motivated and interested audience in the running community,” said Lauren Campbell, CMO of Firefly. “Runners push their bodies to extreme lengths and recovery is critical to staying healthy and performing at the highest levels.”

Much like Tinman aims to make running accessible to all athletes, Firefly works to make recovery available for all athletes. 

“Firefly has quickly become a staple in my recovery on an everyday basis,” said Joey Berriatua, a United States Championship Qualifier. “It takes no time or energy to put on the device and being able to go about my daily routine without interruption has proven to make my days more productive, all while making recovery a priority.”

About Firefly Recovery

Firefly Recovery is a leading provider of clinically proven, portable recovery technology to help athletes reduce recovery time and relieve muscle soreness. Firefly is used by over 300 professional and collegiate teams, as well as elite and everyday athletes to recover 3X faster and train harder. In the training room, post-workout, and on-the-go, Firefly is redefining recovery for athletes everywhere. For more information visit or @fireflyrecovery.


About Tinman Elite

Tinman Elite is not a group, social movement, or track club. Born in Boulder and established in 2017, we are a team that pushes and cares for each other in pursuit of establishing ourselves as one of the most respected and recognized running teams in the world. Our mission off the track is to push the sport of running forward through creating connections with runners of all levels. For more information visit or @tinmanelite.



Lauren Campbell | Firefly Recovery | | 818-605-9185

October 26, 2021