Firefly Recovery announces a new strategic partnership with SandersFit Performance Center (Dallas, Texas), the premier fitness and performance center in Dallas focused on bringing out the best in professional, college, and high school athletes. This partnership brings together two businesses focused on athletic performance and provides SandersFit’s clients premier access to Firefly Recovery, a portable, easy to use and scientifically proven recovery performance solution that promotes increased blood circulation to deliver 3X faster full-body recovery.

SandersFit recognizes the increased importance of recovery in training elite athletes. “Firefly Recovery is my go-to recovery for myself as well as my athletes and clients. As a user of the product, firefly has had a tremendous impact on my own training and more importantly on my athletes. Our athletes are able to recover more quickly, allowing them to train harder and allowing us to maximize their gains,” said Melvin Sanders, CSCS Founder/Director, SandersFit Performance Center. The SandersFit Performance Team selected Firefly Recovery as a recovery partner based on the ease of use and efficacy of the product. Dr. Luke Miller. PT, DPT, ATC and Director of Physical Therapy at SandersFit stated that “Firefly Recovery has revolutionized our practice and patient care here at SandersFit Performance Center from post-op care, injury recovery, and improving athletic performance. Firefly Recovery allows our athletes and patients to recover faster, better, and more efficiently. From ease of use, wearability and most importantly results, firefly is a staple in our care here at SandersFit.”

“We are excited to be a key recovery tool for SandersFit and look forward to working together to provide enhanced recovery for some of the top professional athletes in the country,” said Jake Wilks, National Director of Sales, Firefly Recovery “firefly aligns perfectly with SandersFit’s mission to help elite and everyday athletes take their fitness to the next level, in which recovery plays a critical role.”

About Firefly Recovery

Firefly Recovery is a leading provider of clinically proven, portable recovery technology to help athletes reduce recovery time and relieve muscle soreness. Firefly is used by over 300 professional and collegiate teams, as well as elite professional and amateur athletes, U.S. Military special forces, and everyday sports enthusiasts to recover faster and train harder. Whether in the training room, post-workout, or on the go, Firefly is redefining recovery for athletes everywhere. For more information visit or on IG/TW/FB @fireflyrecovery.

About SandersFit Performance Center

SandersFit Performance Center is a premier training center in Dallas, Texas that provides a wide range of sports and athletic training programs that bring out the best in every athlete. SandersFit provides training, rehabilitation, recovery and nutrition to professional, college, high school and everyday athletes that want to take their fitness to the next level. For more information visit or on IG: @sandersfit_.
May 25, 2021