The Best Recovery Products to Try in 2022

Firefly – Most Innovative

Electrical stimulation therapy is one of the most common treatment procedures being performed in an athletic training room. However, electrical stim machines aka TENS machines can be bulky and hard to take on the go. Firefly Recovery has changed the game by providing a portable, easy to use, scientifically proven athletic recovery device that is trusted by over 250 pro and collegiate teams. Firefly Recovery allows athletes to recover anytime, anywhere with no cords or plugs by increasing blood flow throughout the body by 400% enabling athletes to recover 3X faster. Increased blood flow reduces pain, soreness and swelling allowing athletes to train harder and perform better. Pro athletes like Kerri Walsh Jennings and the San Francisco 49ers have been using Firefly Recovery to help avoid the “dead leg feeling” when traveling on long flights.


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August 23, 2022
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