Your muscles alone have taken a great toll from the workout and need to be repaired. When the blood is flowing, recovery is hastened. We personally have been using a product called Firefly to enhance this recovery element. Firefly's use electronic stimulus to increase blood flow by 400%.

Those of you who have been following our channel for a while, know how much we love this product. Firefly's are convenient to use. They easily fit in your hand and can be brought with you in any circumstance. We love that they don't require you to be stationary to use, which makes it super easy to put on after practice without being grounded to the couch. We always travel with them, taking them to races and using them as we are in transit. This is especially helpful because they can be used during everyday life, which means you don't have to sit somewhere stationary for hours.

Using them is quite simple. Each unit provides roughly 30 hours (not 24) of recovery. And when used two to four hours at a time, they can provide six to 12 sessions. All you have to do is stick them to your legs with the indicator on the fibular head and turn them on. This will create electric stimulus that causes your feet to twitch. The twitching of your feet indicates that they're doing their job. It is important to increase the intensity until you hit this point. You probably won't feel a noticeable effect immediately after the recovery session, but when it's time to run, the results will show.

September 28, 2022