Firefly Recovery’s CEO and Founder, Anthony Kjenstad, sat down with cyclist Phil Gaimon to ask a few questions about cycling and recovery. Phil was a professional cyclist from 2009-2016. He’s the author of “Draft Animals” (2017), “Pro Cycling on $10 a Day” (2014) and “Ask a Pro” (2016).  Phil is also an ordained minister, amateur comedian, podcasterFondo host, and creative marketer. Phil is retired from racing, now riding bikes for fun and chasing hillclimb records around the world for his YouTube show, “Worst Retirement Ever.”


How did you come up with The Worst Retirement Ever Concept?

When I moved to Los Angeles, I started meeting folks who worked in television and had the idea to create and host a travel show around cycling. I went to approximately "5 million" pitch meetings and finally I sold the show. A week later it fell through which is typical for Hollywood, apparently. A year later I'd stopped racing, built had a large following on an app called Strava where I tackled hillclimb records, and a handful of brands contacted me to be an ambassador. I wasn't interested in the usual event-based sponsorships, so I had the idea to create a youtube show instead.


How has the importance of recovery evolved in your career and retirement?

Recovery has always been paramount. It's training that makes you better and recovery that allows you to train. Recovery is also a luxury that I often didn't have as a racer. Being able to do fewer race days, perform when I want, and focus on recovery has enabled me to retain similar fitness to my pro years, giving me a whole second career.

How would you describe Firefly Recovery?

Firefly is what happens when the quality and expertise of the medical industry trickles into sports. It's high-tech, well-made, and effective. 


What elements of Firefly Recovery are most appealing?

I love to use it when I travel instead of bulky and uncomfortable compression products.


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March 26, 2021
Tags: Cycling